Our Team

The Ivy Energy team brings together experience,expertise and relationships in the Energy, Financial Services, Engineering, IT and Commodities business to generate exceptional returns and opportunities for our clients.

Osman NiaziChairman

  • An entrepreneur with over 20years experience in Corporate Finance, Investments, Quant Finance, Medical Devices and Engineering
  • Founder of the Global Alumni of the Ivy League Network, networking over 60,000 IVY-league alumni.
  • Predicted the Global Financial Credit crisis before anyone else at Wharton Partners.
  • Worked at Goldman Sachs in Fixed Income Commodities and Currencies division as a Quant.
  • Founding member of of many Finance, Engineering and technology ventures
  • Ivy League High Honors Graduate with MSE and BSE degree in Engineering in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania
  • Wharton Business School High Honors Graduate in Finance

I.R. Malik, CEO

  • Over 15 years experience in Finance and Investments
  • Specialist in the Energy Sector
  • Mr. Malik has key personal relationships with Global Financial Investors both high net worth and Institutional
  • He has also developed key exclusive relationships with both financial institutions and equipment providers for the energy sector in Pakistan

Mr. Giampaolo Paul Rigutto, Executive Director Alternate Energy Technology and Project Operations

  • Mr. Rigutto's gives Ivy Energy a key edge in the project management and engineering of alternative energy projects particularly Wind and Solar Power generation.
  • Expertise includes highly experienced engineering background with widespread experience with state of the art technology in industrial sector of Europe, thus providing us with optimal technology options
  • He served in renowned organization like Exxon Baytown, CF-Braun-Brown & Root Houston, Err Engineering Triesta, Nigeria Business development, Shell Moron Venezuela , Brazil Bahia 100MW Wind farm project, Armenia Karakach 120 MW, For Iraq Barinas 924 MW Projects.
  • Has key personal relations in Wind and Solar Technology giants in Europe and USA.
  • Has Key relationships with institutional and high networth energy investors globally.
  • He is designated as the project director of a number of our solar and wind power projects. As such he serves as the Executive Director for Alternate Energy Engineering with Ivy Energy.

Mr. Andrew Yeoman, Senior Executive Director Alternate Energy Technology and Project Development.

  • Andrew Yeoman provides Ivy Energywhich support in project management and strategic development of renewable energy projects (REP) and master planning.
  • Expertise comes from widespread experience in large scale programmes in Europe, and development projects across the world. Trained as an architect Andrew provides strategic management and finance modelling for large scale programmes.
  • He is director of GI Grupa (www.gin.hr) in Croatia and as a registered RIBA member in UK provides consultant services to IBRD (World Bank) and EBRD.
  • In recent years Andrew has been involved in over 45 REP across the world, for example1000 MW wind farm in Albania, 250 MW wind from in USA to 80 MW Pv farm in Bulgaria.
  • He has Key relationships with institutional and high networth investors globally.
  • He is designated as Senior Executive Director with Ivy Energy to advise on Development strategy.